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BBC Radio Jersey Interview 9th Oct 2012

Welcome to "What next? All my life, here, now!"
The Must See Musical For 2013!
I want people to believe, just as I do, that all dreams are possible if you want them enough. Just like the lead character Shirley, finding the courage to go to an audition gave her the starring role in a smash hit Musical. Changing her life forever........And just like her Journey to be this star, I want the audience to decide with a vote, where her future will take her.
Nikki Marett-Gregory August 2011

So what's "What Next? All my Life, Here, Now" all about.


It's the life story of an ordinary woman who got the leading role in what becomes a hugely successful west end musical.

She returns to where it all began at the Crystal Theatre in London, and here, she is interviewed on her amazing triumphant success and the personal details of her life that made her what she is today.

Then her life lies in the hands of the Audience who will Vote for her future......


The Story


Following the success of Nikki Marett-Gregory's first musical, “Next! So, you want the part?” the long awaited sequel “What Next? All my, life, here, now” is set for the Jersey Opera stage on 1 to 6 July 2013.

This musical takes us on a journey into the life of success story Shirley Jones, the down trodden secretary from the Crystal Theatre that won the starring role in a new musical called “All my Life here now” from the auditions in the first musical “Next! So you want the part?”

Shirley is interviewed by Brenda Braithwaite of the” London News in Art Journal” at the Crystal Theatre. This is the first time she has been back to the theatre in many years. Brenda (BB) wants to know about the personal life of the hugely successful world renowned star. And we are catapulted into the most important and personal scenes from Shirley's life. Her strongest memories of childhood and her parents, of school days, her failed marriage, prison and the journey that found her working for her beloved Theatre Manager; Rupert Wilson. Shirley's life is really here, now!

During her talk with Brenda (BB) she reveals her feelings about her first love and husband Keith, and the only other man that has meant anything to her, Rupert Wilson. Brenda (BB) in turn reveals information about the two men that leads on to the audience participation.

As with the first musical, the story ends with a twist where once again, the audience must vote for the outcome of Shirley Jones life.......

Please be sure you choose wisely for Shirley..................



About the Producer/Director.

Prior to her musical and production interests, the larger part of Nikki's life has been spent in the finance industry (18 years) and 16 years as an Holistic therapist, tutor & NVQ Assessor. A far cry from her love of Music, Art and Creative writing.

In 2005 Nikki joined the chorus of HMS Pinafore with the Gilbert & Sullivan Society, to support her son Ashley's interest in this operetta. During the rehearsals, Nikki was encouraged by Emily Snell to try auditions and join a local choir. Shortly after this came a suggestion that she had a Jazz voice, so, Nikki taught herself some 50 standard Jazz numbers and got a summer season at the Hotel De France.

In March 2007, just three months after writing “ Next! So you want the part? “Nikki found herself writing the sequel “What next? All my life, here, now”. Which she has just recently scripted.

In 2008 Nikki successfully produced, designed, cast and directed her first ever Musical “Next” So, you want the part? And, after a bit of a break, has now completed the follow-on story of the lady that took the leading role. Giving us a look back into Shirley, the theatre secretary's life in “What next? All my life, here, now”.

The Vocal Factor Club was created by Nikki in February 2009 to give everyone interested in backing track singing a chance to improve, move away from Karaoke and be involved in shows. A real passion of hers, the club has successfully produced shows at Reg's Garden, the Drift Bar (Royal Yacht Hotel), the Mayfair Hotel, Jersey MS Society 50 th anniversary, the Variety Club luncheons and a 4 hour Pop and Rock concert in Howard Davis Park.

In 2010 Nikki set up her entertainments agency. Her agency is a wonderful opportunity to meet even more talented individuals. And while you are sipping your latte in a coffee shop, you might get approached to audition for “What next? All my life, here, now”. So be prepared.








Opening night Monday all seats £10
Tuesday VIP night all seats £15

Wednesday to Saturday
Stalls & Circle £16 & £14

£2 Reduction for OAP's, Students & Disabled. (Wednesday to Saturday)
* Wheelchair Patrons carer is free.

Corporate & School block booking offer Wednesday to Saturday: Buy 8 and get 2 free

Phone The Jersey Opera House for bookings on 511115

Director / Producer

Nikki Marett-Gregory


In Aid of the following Charities:

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