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The Musical Composers

In order to achieve the diversity of music required by the show, Nikki has recruited the following composers ;

Sally Edmondson; Mus. Dip.
Jaime Boylan;
BA Hon. Degree in Music
Andrew Fells
Paul Le Claire

Kayleigh Alexandre


Composer: Sally Edmondson
Sally Edmondson has written some of the songs featured in the musical and started writing songs at the age of 14, but life took her in another direction. She started seriously writing songs again in 1997 where in 2004 the GISC described her song 'A Way' as an excellent project.
In November 2004 Sally started her own publishing company Every Day Music Publishing to promote her own music. Within the past 12 months www.edm4music.co.uk somehow just happened and Sally now promotes the work of other songwriters and developing young talent from around the world.
Sally is delighted that Nikki has given her the opportunity to write some of the music for "NEXT! So you want the part?" and is working very closely with a producer/arranger Brian Cadoret to create songs that the audiences will find uplifting and catching.

Sally is a member of the "Guild of International Songwriters and Composers" (GISC) and MCPS.

Brian Cadoret has been working along side Sally arranging the scores and producing the demo tracks, Brian is also a member of the "Guild of International Songwriters and Composers" (GISC).

Composer: Jaime Boylan
Jamie studied at the London Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) and in 2005 collected her BA Degree in Music of which she Majored in Vocal Performance (Contemporary). She is also qualified to Teach Diploma Level in singing.

Composer: Kayleigh Alexandre
Kayleigh has been a keen musician all her life and is currently siudying for her Degree in music with the Open University.
She play's an eclectic group of instruments including the viola, cornet, steel band, percussion and piano.


 Composer: Andrew Fells
Andrew has been a professional musician who was heavily involved with the northern soul scene of the 70's and the glam rock 80's.

Starting as a drummer and later as a bass player and composer, Andrew has travelled extensively all over the world playing with many famous singers and bands.  Still playing some good ole Rock 'n' Roll in Jersey.

Andrew would like to thank Nikki for the opportunity to write and play really great songs for this superb musical.
  Composer: Paul Le Claire
Paul Le Claire has been a keen musician since childhood and has released a number of albums, the most recent being "The Queen of Peace" and there is another album being released in the very near future.

Paul tends to concentrate more on his songwriting now rather than live appearances. However, he did recently play for Art Garfunkel when he visited Jersey.

The Song "Summer Skies" was written with Celine Dion in mind.

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  Lyrics and Music Sally Edmondson (Songs 1-3)
 © Lyrics and Music Jaime Boylan (Song 4)
 © Lyrics and Music Paul Le Claire (Song
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