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Welcome to "NEXT! So you want the part?"
The Must See Musical For 2008!
"Overall ... I want people to love the music, to feel close to the characters with all their faults and I want them to come back to see which actress got the part
again and again and again …. almost a reality show on stage!"
Nikki Marett-Gregory May 2007
So whats "NEXT! So you want the part?" all About ?
It's set to be a unique show, following a group of women auditioning for the leading role in a West End musical.
The finale promises to surprise all, where the audience can vote to provide a different leading lady each night!

Reasons why "NEXT! So you want the part?" is going to make you grip your seat in joy and anticipation...
This is destined to be THE musical of 2008 where the reality of voting for your favourite singer in a "never done before" musical theatre production and will premiere at Jersey's Opera House 9-13th June 2008.

This website will track the progress up until the opening night.




About the Producer/Director.


Nikki hopes that her musical will be an inspiration to other people who are bogged down in jobs they dislike.

She decided to take the plunge and move from 18 years in finance to holistic therapy to Play Writer/Producer - both giant leaps into the unknown and so far not regretting a moment of either.

In 1994, inspired by the wellness she received from Reflexology whilst a guinea pig for a physiotherapist at the hospital, prompted her with great urgency to train and become one of the first Reflexologists in the Island. Since taking that first step, she trained as an Indian Head Masseuse and in 1997 setup the first Indian Head Massage course in the Island at Highlands College. This lead to taking over the existing Reflexology Course and teaching both therapies for a number of years. Whilst teaching, Nikki setup a private clinic in the centre of town and successfully completed City & Guild adult educator part 1 & 2 and NVQ Assessor Award.

The Musical was written on January 18th, 2007 whilst sitting around bored. The story was based on a conversation with one of her clients 3 days earlier. Since this life changing experience, Nikki has closed her clinic to concentrate on Directing and Producing the show.




 Nikki Marett-Gregory’s play “NEXT! So you want the part?” is about a group of women auditioning for the leading role in a West End Musical.

None of the character’s backgrounds are particularly relevant or discussed within the storyline. It is about standing up and being who you are, right here, right now.

How you got there is past, living the moment is now and in Act 2, Scene 1 of “NEXT! So you want the part?” that really does mean auditioning for the part of your life!

The Musical ends with a twist as the Audience will vote for the actress that will get the leading role on the night. The chosen lady will be told during the interval via the theatre’s internal intercom. We return to see the dancers audition, after which the cast will act out the finale of the musical they have been auditioning for. This is the story of the ups and downs of a woman’s sad life in the East End of London. She ends up against all odds as the leading lady in a successful musical called ‘All my Life, Here, Now’ which ….. Coincidentally is the title of the key song of “NEXT! So you want the part?”.


Nikki Marett-Gregory
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