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Bulletin Board
Set Model.
A model of the set is kindly being constructed to scale in order to plan the stage performances for optimum effect.
 11 January 2008
Rehersals Begin.
1st full rehersals will begin for full cast & crew at Haute Vallee @ 7:00PM - 9:00PM.
Please be prompt.

Managing the crew is a very stressful and demanding job indeed and we take it very, very seriously around here.
I will be watching you!!!

Producer:    Nikki Marett-Gregory
Director:    Nikki Marett-Gregory

Stage Manager:    Christopher Talbot
Musical Coordinator:   AJ Fells

Technical Advisor:    Andrew Parker & Emily Snell
Drama Coach:   Carole Owens
Prompt:   Jane Freeland

Front of House:    Gill Morgan
Front of House:    Anne Bliss & MS Society
Front of House:    Ginette Carre
Front of House:    Pip Farnham

Wardrobe:    Sylvie Swanson
    Trish Boylan

Crew Manager:    Christopher Powell
Stage Specialist:    Grant Letty

Stage Props:    Callum Alexandre
Stage Props:    Lee Madden
Stage Props:    Steve Chatfield
Stage Props:    Alex Farnham 
Stage Props:    Michael Herd

Set Builder:    Christopher Powell
Set Design :    Nikki Marett-Gregory
Lighting:    Jersey Opera House / Chris Poynter
Sound:     Jersey Opera House / Chris Wink

Backcloth 1:     Blueprint Signs
Backcloth 2 :    The Border Studio
3:     Steve Chatfield

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Last Updated: 25th May 2008

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